Alex Tucker

Welcome to a Windermere Stellar Business Specialist's Page


Everything you need, at one desk.

My days typically start with 3 freshly brewed cups of coffee and ends with 2 glasses of wine.

I have only been with Windermere a short period of time, but I already consider my team... family. I love coming into the office and helping every agent as they need. I have experience with everything from marketing, design, administrative, to building a cardboard box. Everyday I learn something new, and teach something new. I'm here to help and teach!


I Wear Many Hats

I have a background in sales and customer service. I started my professional career at Nordstrom's as a sales rep where I learned the fundamentals of customer service, and how to create an experience to want to come back. Then I joined the Naked Winery team in Bend, Oregon as a wine sales expert and tasting room manager, at Naked is where I learned to combine education, sales, and fun to create success.

Along the way I joined a wonderful design agency as an intern to expand my knowledge in graphic design, website management and creation, copy writing, and the overall design process.

I carry all of my professional experiences with me today, and because of that I find that I'm very successful and resourceful at Windermere as a Business Specialist.

I would love to hear from you.

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